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Written By: admin - Nov• 07•11

I usually take a couple of weeks off after a tournament to download, regroup, reflect and redirect as my Dad says. Because of such a big push with the World Cup I took more time off but my Dad and I have had several talks about what we might want to do.

We have talked to other shooters too and they took some time off.

I will not be going to London In 2012 but that does not mean I will not train and compete. I need to continue with practices and enter competitive events to work on handling the pressure and push to keep my scores high. This is not a setback. In fact, it was amazing that I got as far as I did.

My longterm goal now is to make the USA Shooting team and compete in the Paralympics in 2016 to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. If I make the team at some point in the next couple of years I may get a chance to train and live at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

In the mean time, I have alot to do and hope to get into at least 3 major events a year and a couple of smaller events each year. At the level I am capable of shooting, we will have to plan to travel out of the United States to compete.

One of my goals is to shoot a 600 which I had hoped to do leading up to the world Cup but only got as close as 599 in practice. Dad also wants to reevaluate how I shoot standing. He said he got some very good ideas from other shooters while at the World Cup. Dad said someone told him that because everyone has a different way shooting that no one has devised the best way of shooting.

Dad is looking closely at entiring me in the Canadian Grand Prix to be held in Toronto, Canada in late February, 2012. The Canadians claim the Canadian Grand Prix is the largest tournament in North America (I think the Nationals and the World Cup are now considered the biggest).

They have a handful of disabled shooters there. The format would be 60 shots standing and 60 shots prone. This is a different format so I would need to shoot well in both standing and prone for a chance.

We are also looking into other tournaments – many have not been posted yet for 2012 so the schedule is still open.

I’ll keep you posted as we choose.

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  1. Mare says:

    You are amazing… and insightful. Please keep me posted as to the Big tournaments you attend – i will consider attending whenever i can to cheer you on.

    I would love to get you some STRIDE logowear…would you wear it?

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