We’re here in Toronto

Written By: admin - Feb• 24•12

The trip over was long. We didn’t have any problems at customs. The hotel is nice with a bunch restaurants and a huge pool. There were a bunch of restaurants down the road as well.

We stopped by the Grand Ballroom where the competition will take place. They were setting up the equipment and we noticed that the room seemed to echo. We will have to see how the noise of the rifles will affect me. If I need to, I will double up on ear protection because the excessive noise may throw me off when I’m shooting.

I need a good nights sleep tonight with just a little more UFC first. Tomorrow, we get our equipment checked and also check on flexibility of the start times. Also, in the afternoon we will set up our equipment and sign up for some practice time to get the feel of everything.

Dad is cranky and on edge!

I’ll update tomorrow night – sooner if something happens!

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  1. LaHera Family says:

    Good luck Kyle, we’re thinking of you and hoping for your best shooting in this new environment! Have to agree, cover up those ears, echo and reverberation can’t be good. Looking forward to reading your blog tomorrow!

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