It’s not that easy!

Written By: admin - May• 21•12

Well, I have been pretty busy! School is crazy with tests and I am working with the Varsity baseball team as their scorekeeper for digital scores and stats for each game.

I have not been shooting as much as I should. It just seems hard!!!!!!

I have been trying to get my first 600. Two weeks ago I shot a 599, with the one 9 coming on the 59th frame! I shot a 596 a couple of days ago and it just was not good enough. Today I shot again and got all 10′s up to the 53rd frame and shot a 9. I ended up with a 597 – shooting 3 nines in the final 10 shots. Today was very frustrating for me.

I have asked my Dad to help me some more. He has been pretty quiet towards me and I have not been patient enough.

I plan to shoot every day this week. I have been focusing on prone – my strength – but I know my Dad is going to make me shoot standing – which I really don’t like.

We fly down to Fort Benning in two weeks and will be there for several days. It will be hot and not as many shooters will be there for disabled as last year. I hope to do well and we will see what we can do. We also plan to meet and talk to the head USA shooting coach about my direction and future in shooting.

My posts will come more often now so keep a look out.
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  1. Ramish says:

    Awesome is all I can say. Great pictures and of coruse the subject manner is amazing. What a handsome family. You did a super job capturing them. So glad I got to see these. Aunty K in Ontario

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